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  1. The first point is well made though, they've been the better side and have really put us under pressure in midfield. Must do better.
  2. Second time's the charm with that little flick!
  3. Always good to hear a "YOU'RE SHIT, AHHHHH" chant in the Premier League.
  4. That was one of the better events at the Olympics too
  5. Fucking GET IN
  6. This ref is fucking shite.
  7. I've just finished the main "campaign". I love how the little text messages start out as a bit of atmosphere to the jobs all come together in the end. What a wonderful game. Brilliant. Now to do the challenges!
  8. Wordle 404 4/6 Only posted this because I liked the pattern I made, lol
  9. Yeah she was very, very late.
  10. Tactical fouling and time wasting now from the Germans, very canny.
  11. That's a fine header to score, she just drifted out from the defenders and got a clear run at the cross. Well, unless VAR chalks it off.
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