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  1. *checks match reviews after being unable to watch the game* oh Rashford is broken again?!! It's only been one game! I've always liked Eriksen, the Mata thing of finding the game easy but with legs. Can't he start in midfield instead of one of Fred, McTominay? Following football gets crap when your team is crap, anyone think the De Jong transfer will happen? I think it's fair to accept that clearly Spurs and Arsenal are ahead of Man United and will secure 3rd and 4th depending on how Chelsea do. It wouldn't be (/gary neville) unacceptable to finish behind them or accept that. Ten Hag only seemed to take this poisoned chalice job because of assurities over transfers and tbf plenty were saying nothing would change with this. I expected more signings. Seems like clubs in less need like City and Chelsea have brought in more.
  2. Interesting stat, at least someone is doing well in regards to man united.
  3. Pundits are keen on the idea of Leicester being relegated. Rodgers to Newcastle, but Newcastle are 4th best PL team in 2022 so I can't imagine them dropping so much that Howe is sacked. Leicester seem to have the worst defense in the league and concede with ease and that was with Schmeichel's shot stopping ability. No Europe, not losing Tielemans to Arsenal and/or Maddison to Spurs, can people really imagine that Leicester under Rodgers being relegated?
  4. I have. I can't remember much about it, I only watched it a few years ago as well. I know people rave about it. I think my expectations were very high. I do intend to give it another watch. I like Hackman and I like westerns. I've not properly seen any of Eastwood's 60s and 70s films.
  5. Ray Liotta sat next to Jennifer Lopez in a video on YouTube being asked questions was asked for an actor he thinks is overated and he said Clint Eastwood and now every time I watch him in a film (not often tbf) I'm questioning every line of dialogue he delivers. In Cry Macho the characters aren't seeing the real him either given he's 92 years old and women are throwing themselves at him, and he's looked on as though he's 30 years younger, like when the kid looks up in awe when he tames a horse. It was interesting watching In The Line Of Fire for the first time because he was 63 when that was released and a big part of the role is him being past it, someone whose time was when JFK was being assassinated, his ability to successfully flirt with Rene Russo not very believable. I'm not saying he's overated, Ray Liotta said it.
  6. Absolutely. It's fucking terrible. Genuinely, like Cry Macho (though I get the Clint Eastwood career angle) a film that is so bad that anyone loving it I have to question their taste on anything else, forever. It's not even embarassed it is IT combined with Stranger Things combined with The Shining, which in a genre as trope and cliche heavy as horror that relies on twists and subverted ideas to be worthwhile I can't understand the positivity. I had to listen to 4 (four!) podcasts to find someone who disliked it*, and then they apologised for it. (little white lies, so unsatisfying. And yet they ripped apart Belfast, the nobs). I kept waiting for the twist, the reason for the film to exist. Reviewers going on about how the director is visually inventive, is he, where. The pans across in darkness that predictably led to the cheapest jump scares, those? I can't think of anything else and I'm not trying. His sisters's psychic abilities meant nothing because the police found their way to the houses anyway, Ethan Hawke says straight away 'I'm not going to hurt you, I'll explain everything' then explains nothing and makes no sense. Apparently Hawke agreed to the film before reading the script, was Sinister that good, that special of a shoot? He needs an intervention on his career, let his kids pick his films or something. His voice was creepy though, then angry. I wasn't remotely unnerved by any of it though. Basically a film about the empowerment of a bullied kid finding strength, something which had people said that was what the film was about I'd have gladly avoided. I only watched it cos it kept appearing in podcasts. 1/10 I've not watched the recent Korean horror The Call but it seems to have a similar premise? I will expect more thought gone into it. To not be negative, and though it's not a horror film, I watched Kids Return and it was fantastic. The opening 30 minutes are so good. *actually tbf Jeff Canata on filmcast hated it but because the others liked it and are friends with the director/writer/dunno someone then he felt he had to hold back.
  7. Fresh is a recent decent one. There's a review on letterboxd which hated it because they didn't think it delivered in terms of horror. I'd agree, but it's still watchable (and I didn't expect or want more violence really).
  8. Funny review on Pajiba https://www.pajiba.com/film_reviews/netflixs-the-gray-man-squanders-ryan-goslings-formidable-comedy-chops.php Half way through the film I had an urge to sleep so did. I don't mind light throwaway action, I liked Red Notice. But that committed to its silliness more. Its opening action was telling you; yeah we're doing the Ryan Reynolds sarcastic snark again. The opening of The Gray Man is trying to be more John Wick isn't it, it is clear that there's some intent to try, with the directors thinking a fight during a fireworks celebration is an interesting twist. It's not because it's just a temporary visual thing, the fighting isn't thrilling or inventive, and it's all so brief and unsatisfying. I just want action films, especially $200m ones, to try to come up with scenes we've not seen before. Bond had any number of stunts no one had seen before, True Lies had a chase between Arnie on a horse and the terrorist on a motorbike, through a hotel. The fighter jet bit at the end. This continues the attempt at John Wick cool throughout it seems in its action, obscuring it in different ways, the smoke on the plane just getting in the way, and that altogether being a familiar action scene we've seen half a dozen times by now. The one take camera spinning making it unclear to see, and you're not remotely involved anyway because it just cuts to Gosling on the plane and it's not surprising Billy Bob would sacrifice him to save his niece. It'd only seem to work for kids who haven't seen all of this done better dozens of times but I think even 13 year olds will be thinking the explosion on a plane, grab the parachute of someone falling is old hat. And how many locations would they like to boast about, done in that boringly familiar way with large bold text on screen, completely pointless because you never spend any time there anyway. They don't mean anything. It's kind of incredible how bad some films can be when they neglect the script, neglect any purpose, realism, sense, it's like someone trying to wing a new job not knowing what they're doing but how do you just disguise 2 hours worth of shite. Everyone vividly knows what quality is. I just watched Cry Macho before this and it's unbelievable how bad it is. The worst acting I've ever seen by the kid, with some of the worst dialogue. There's always been bad films, but has there ever been so many with as much money and talent attached as recently.
  9. It has the the best de-ageing cgi I've seen in the opening, so you missed the only notable impressive thing in the film really.
  10. however! I never did the earlier rounds. So... FilmSaw #2 - https://filmsaw.com FilmSaw #3 - https://filmsaw.com
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