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  1. This is great news as I was pretty close to buying both Maquette and Solar Ash in the past
  2. This has 75% off in the Xbox store at the minute, about £14, if anyone is interested. I had just earned £10 store credit from rewards so took a punt. Opinions in this thread seem generally positive, especially for co-op shenanigans, so I hope I've a good time with it.
  3. Thanks for that FishyFish, I'll give that a try later. Also, after googling a bit, it seems insight can be reasonably easily farmed in the 1st Chalice Dungeon you get after beating BSB (Whose Boss Door I saved it at last night apparently!). Knowing that puts my mind at ease for future jolly co op with my mate (who I've got all achievements with in the original and remastered DS, DS2 and SotFS, DS3 and ER over the last decade or so ) without stressing about running out of insight. Good challenging/rewarding times could, indeed, be ahead.
  4. Hey folks, I just started this a couple of days ago and am currently addicted. I'm about level 25 and having trouble with Vicar Amelia. I've summoned Henriette a couple times but she doesn't help that much and my attacks and Molotovs barely damage her at all. Is there a group thing I can post to asking for co op help like the clubs thing on Xbox? I've been trying to make myself available all over the areas I've uncovered for co op but never get summoned so I'm about to run out of insights and have no idea how to get more if nobody summons me. I've killed the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne solo first try. Recently killed the Witch(es) of Henwick and am currently in buildings below the guy in a tower using a machine gun before I stopped for the night. Utterly gripping game and a damn shame about the frame rate but hey ho. TL;DR = Can anyone point me in the direction of help or am I doing ok?
  5. Just bought a PS4 off gumtree... Console, 2tb external drive, wireless headset = £90, Bloodborne £10, Nioh £4, upcoming gaming experience = (hopefully) PRICELESS
  6. We've done all the Souls games in co-op on xbox before but don't get enough time to play these days so I'd say it would probably take us a year to get through it, especially because we'll be trying to hunt all the trophies! So, with that said, if we go halves on a year's subscription on HIS account with my console setup as his home console (and vice versa I assume?) we should be able to play through it that way? As in, no need to have a subscription each? Also, I see there are free games per month on PS+ like Xbox Live Gold/Ultimate, can these still be played after the subscription ends? Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb here!
  7. Hey folks can someone please answer this question? My friend has a PS5 with a digital version of Bloodborne installed (not sure if PS4 or PS5 version). If I buy a PS4 can we set up a gameshare thing where we can co-op the game together without me buying the game? I assume we need the subscription service to play online so can we share one subscription too? I tried googling this but got all confusedalized! Thanks in advance!
  8. This might be old news to most, but on xbox, if you press start on the Elden Ring tile, select Game Card> official club > multiplayer. There you can see hundreds of people looking for help with any and all bosses, catacombs etc. and if you express interest in a post you'll be invited to a party/conversation in seconds! You can also create a post, detailing what bosses in particular you'd like to get smushing, and you'll get loads of folks offering help. This system was a revelation to me during the previous dark souls games and I met some folks who are Xbox buddies to this day
  9. That wall hanging of Ryu and Sagat is awesome, where could I get something similar please? Anyone?
  10. Always try to eke out a level up and spend your remaining runes before trying a boss room or suspected tricky area. If, however, you get surprised by a boss encounter and killed leaving loads of runes in the boss room? You may then find trying to pick up your runes before getting killed is distracting you from the ongoing battle. REMEMBER! You can run in and collect your hard earned runes then quickly quit out the app. When you load back in you will be OUTSIDE the boss fog door with all your runes on you to teleport to nearest grace and spend or whatever If your complaint is about general exploration/navigation while carrying runes, I think that sense of peril, of risk Vs reward as you mosey about the map, is utterly essential to the overall experience. Imagine if it wasn't present, you'd feel nothing about surviving tough scrapes where you oh so nearly got ganked except for that perfect block or just about barely didn't almost nearly fall off a cliff while your heart was in your mouth! Savour that feeling of risk man as it is THIS VERY ASPECT that you'll miss when you go back to playing 'normal' games
  11. Ooooh 'sorting inventory by most recently acquired' might be useful as I often pick up items mid combat and sometimes miss what I picked up so this could help with that maybe?
  12. I found using the Jellyfish Ash and NPC summon outside Magrit's door helped a lot. If the Jellyfish hits him enough times he gets poisoned and continually loses health for quite some time which kind of takes the pressure off a bit as you just gotta worry about avoiding him and only strike when there's a clear opening
  13. I DID click the install button, after I checked the box for what I wanted to install, but nothing happens, the screen just refreshes as if I pressed B to back out as opposed to the install button. Nevermind, I'll sort it out in the morning.
  14. I've definitely got enough space and the install is only 50 odd gig... There was a free add-on of Bonus Gesture, that installed ok but the main game doesn't, mmmmm, what a pickle...
  15. I've pre-ordered the digital version on Series X but when I try to pre install, so it's ready to play in the morning, it doesn't seem to do anything. I can tick the little box beside Full Game, it says 1 item about to install, but then the screen jumps back to saying game not installed. Anyone else have this problem?
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