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  1. I'm keeping everything crossed that it is a console timed exclusive and will be arriving on XBOX in 12 months or so. I can wait...
  2. Happy Champions League final day everyone. I hope we all get the result we are after. I’m in Crete so will be watching with a small group here, I’m nervous but so excited. I just hope the injuries are all behind us and Mo and the rest of the team get their revenge on the dark arts 5 years ago. I think if we take our chances, we win, but never underestimate that Real are never beaten until that final whistle blows. I couldn’t be more proud of this team and everyone who posts in this thread. What an amazing ride we’ve all been on this season. Up the fucking reds!
  3. Lads, a massive thank you to everyone posting in this thread. I’m sat in a pub on Aigburth Road with no nails left and you have no idea how much reading this thread during the half time and full time calms my nerves. I love you all, I love this team, let’s have a massive 15 mins here.
  4. Kinda wanted Benzema to penenka Ederson again
  5. Unbelievable scenes!
  6. Both teams absolutely got what they deserved. I really hope when Everton come back up to the Premier League they decide to play some actual football against us.
  7. Kelly Dalglish: “Gary Neville only gave Man Utd a 1% chance of winning this evening...” Roy Keane (totally deadpan): “I think Gary was being overly generous there”
  8. Minimum nine games to go, maximum of ten, this is the best I’ve ever known it
  9. Someone needs to check on Martin Tyler, he sounds fucking suicidal!
  10. Goal of the season contender that!
  11. Very happy. I've been waiting for Life Is Strange True Colors to arrive - patience is a virtue. I can finally play it and then listen to the TCGS spoiler special which has been sat in my podcast download list for ages.
  12. Turns out MTX was already a games with gold title, way back in 2015 but still, that’s a bit naughty.
  13. Hue is a lovely game, if you’ve not played it you’re in for a treat. Not got or played the other three so works out well for me in that sense. Another Sight looks like it might be worth a go, a half decent adventure platform game from a couple of years ago, you play as a cat so immediately goes up in my estimation. Won’t bother with the other two.
  14. Daily Quordle #64 quordle.com Absolutely delighted with this one, feel it deserves a post here.
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