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  1. I'm in please, hopefully I'll perform better this year
  2. What's the cheapest way of getting ps plus? My sub has just run out
  3. This is great news, fantastic game.
  4. Landshead

    Mario Kart 8

    Anyone received the mario kart wii pack from tesco? Got my despatch email yesterday but no tracking info
  5. Yes the fans are going crazy, will try and move it or cut a larger hole in the back of my tv cabinet
  6. Does anyone's ps4 overheat when playing a disc based game. Slightly concerned it's gonna go the same way as my 60gb ps3
  7. Had to turn off when they started to spoil the last of us.
  8. Just redeemed a code on my ps3. Can now play resogun
  9. So how do I get the free trial of playstation plus?
  10. So has everyone got their tracking email from shopto. I'm still waiting...
  11. I've ordered just the console from shopto and haven't had the despatch email yet.
  12. Shopto charged me for my preorder on Monday. However I haven't got a tracking number, has anyone else?
  13. I've received four emails now, only ordered one console I hope
  14. My code if anyone would like to add me: 3566-1518-9454 Lee from Halifax. Send me a PM and i'll add you back
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