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  1. This could be interesting
  2. Picked up this (on app labs) space docker it uses real physics for flight (think how the ships in the expanse fly) I’ve been having a blast with it (though it can be hard as nails)
  3. To be fair to them at the least they are going really back compatible with the sensorama
  4. So something interesting in the among us vr set up - under what vr head set you have they seem to mention an Xbox one seems sus to me lol
  5. For anyone who is interested beta sign up for among us vr is now live
  6. been playing shock troopers today and its great a retro original doom kinda way
  7. The pc version can be played in vr couple steps needed to make it run. I would also highly recommend the firewatch vr mod that is out I would love for a vr port of everybody’s gone to the rapture
  8. I’ve played through it in vr and it’s just stunning and nerve wrecking …. And then you play resi evil 7 vr mod and that on a whole new level of nope!! (Resi evil 8 is also excellent )
  9. Yeah it’s going to take a few goes to get good on - but they nailed the feel of the movie with the course layout (pity they didn’t / couldn’t have used the music from the movie)
  10. Deisim on quest is very good and reminds me a lot of black &white. For me I would love a proper Star Wars vr mmo game in the style of Star Wars galaxies meets no man sky it would be a case of just take my money!!
  11. You can also side load the android game pass app and cloud play (connect your Xbox controller via Bluetooth)
  12. as some one who has been on the VR band wagon from near the start (have had every oculus since DK2) for me VR will be the future of gaming, IF more of the big hitters like MS and Nintendo etc... come on board properly. Ive played plenty of flat screen games and then played the VR version and nearly all of them the VR version cant be beat. Take something like Alien Isolation i loved and was equally terrified of that game when i played it when it came out on 360. I then played the MOTHER vr mod and i can tell you in belfast everyone can hear you scream when you come face to face with alan in VR! but its not just games - experiences and app's are also the way forward. During lockdown my little girl had to do school projects, first on the apollo moon landing and then on volcanoes. Well thanks to VR i was able to put her on the seat next to neil and buzz as the blasted off, and stood beside them as then walked the moon - all as if she was there. for volcanoes (thanks to google earth vr) - i was able to pop her down on the top of versuvius again like she was actually there and she was able to explore and get a sense of the size etc...
  13. upgraded by 64gb quest 2 to a 128gb one today as i was getting tired of having to keep removing games to play others (was planning to do it at the end of august but with meta putting the price up tomorrow went for it today.) Of coarse first game i played was the above walkabout golf and the labyrinth dlc (which you can actually explore the labyrinth by not following the golf coarse route!) you can tell the coarse has been made with love as its packed with so many details from the movie
  14. It’s a pitty that your pc doesn’t run pcvr great as what you are looking for is new retro arcade neon on steam - it allows you to create a virtual arcade (with light gun cabinets etc..) can be fiddley to set up but once done it’s amazing always brings me back to my teenage years when I fire it up (this is quick vid of one of my setups)
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