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  1. 29 years until a 10. FMV really was the future of interactive entertainment after all.
  2. Thanks @revlob. Thought that was a fun watch. I might have missed something but I wish they could have done a little more around It bugged me a bit that they reached all the way up the stairs. It took me out of the scene a little.
  3. You also forgot to mention Adam West, who was in the only Batman movie titled "The Movie", so frankly that was a piss poor effort.
  4. My childhood drawings were full of planes with canard wings making trees bend over.
  5. The bit where the Hulk looks at some lichen is fucking epic. (I also quite like the film)
  6. My wife and I both missed how the two Russian's knew. We decided it was due to magical doctor powers.
  7. For me it's about traversable spaces. It's not about exploring every bit of every interior. I think being in and out of vehicles and buildings, chasing or being chased through a 'complete' environment could be be really fun.
  8. Meh! I want every building to have interiors. Bored of cities in games that are mostly facades. With the amount of production power they have + some proc gen magic and they'd be there. Bags of gameplay potential to be had and it sounds like they're wimping out.
  9. Can't wait to find out how a film about nuclear weapons is actually all about being a film maker.
  10. Cost is as much of a reason for no wireless. The PSVR2 is as cheap as they can make it while still providing a good step forward in experience. Wireless needs local compute and battery alongside the actual wireless gubbins. It's rather expensive.
  11. I'm never really sure what CGI-fest is shorthand criticism for. The VFX themselves are fine. The Fu Dogs are outright amazing. The non fighty stuff is fine. The attack(s) on the village are not especially interesting versions of those action scenes. Apart from the Fu Dogs, which are outright amazing. The final hero moment with the big bad needed something more with the cinematography / editing / staging to push it into being great. It felt really close. Nothing to do with the technology and artistry that went into that actual VFX for the shots.
  12. Some folks did a read through of that script. Can't remember if it was on YouTube or elsewhere.
  13. With this and What If Captain Carter I seem to be developing a bad case of macrophilia.
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