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  1. Has anyone hit Excite Truck working? If so, how do you replicate the Wiimote controls?
  2. I bought the Switch version from CDkeys for £12 years ago and I’m only really playing it now, having had played since launch on PS4 then got it bundled with my Xbox One X, then Series X at 60 and now 120 fps. It really is an excellent port. Sure, it can get a little framey when all twelve characters are going at it on the point, but overall it plays exactly like it’s console counterparts.
  3. @Dr NookieHe does credit Loopz and the designer on the game page
  4. Damn. I was going to bite for £16.49. Should have bought it yesterday
  5. Sounds like you’re missing all of them. (Badoom-tish!).
  6. Tracking information created. Of course I'm away this Friday and back Wednesday. Classic.
  7. As above,I find any From game or exhausting after around 30 minutes. An hour in and I have to play something else.
  8. I haven’t and I dropped it last night. I think TE are from the Tonka school of product design as it’s undamaged.
  9. The crank-controlled tin man dating game was really fun until That is some truly horrible game design right there.
  10. Nope. She can only play on the main one assigned as your home console whereas YOU will be able to play on both consoles.
  11. I wouldn't mind that link to ensure I would DEFINITELY NOT click on it.
  12. Got my email, tried to buy it, got stuck on the page for 5+ minutes when I hit purchase, tried to re-purchase, lopped into an endless cycle of Steam taking me back to the "Reserve a Steam Deck" page, purchase has disappeared from my purchase history, absolute shambles.
  13. I hope so. I have PS4, Xbox and Switch accounts linked to the same Blizzard account, each with unique unlocks.
  14. Re-spectre-ble behaviour 30. Life's Too Short (PlayDate) Another short and sweet $1 game from itch.io where you play a ghost trying to restore order to a haunted house. A few simple fetch quests and item usage put me in mind of early point and click/text adventures I'd play on my C64.
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