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  1. Those Ferraris are looking rapid today.
  2. Russell, Ocon, Perez, Schumacher, Stroll and Ricciardo summoned to the stewards relating to breach of the rule messages during the formation lap.
  3. Nvm. What layten said.
  4. ‘Mon Lewis, get after those Ferrari’s.
  5. Protestors apparently tried to get onto the track when the Red Flag was waved.
  6. That was very nasty. Hope the lad is okay.
  7. https://the-race.com/formula-1/mercedes-surprised-by-rival-floor-flexing-hinted-at-by-fia/ RB been quite vocal about this apparently, would it partially explain why their car seems to not suffer with bouncing?
  8. Line of the episode for me, of which, the show has many.
  9. Be lucky to get out of Q2 based on this pace. Usual FP caveats apply.
  10. Latifi gonna Latifi.
  11. This was excellent. See it on the biggest and loudest screen.
  12. Mid-season finale. Back in 6 weeks.
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