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  1. I actually don’t mine the design. I wish it was smaller, but a digital ps5 with black plates looks pretty good in my opinion. The disc version is still fairly ugly. I actually switched to a digital system as soon as I found one in stock.
  2. John Wick - 3/5 John Wick 2 - 4/5 John Wick 3 - 4/5 best action movies in years. Can’t believe I only got around to watching them all this week.
  3. The cynic in me suspects this might be a ploy to get a social media campaign going calling for the film’s release and then WB will release it in theatres to capitalise on the hype.
  4. When’s the 3rd person mode out ?
  5. I started Origins again on PS5 to check out the 60fps update. I love all the new games in the series but the combat and stealth was best in Origins. It just got to over the top in Valhalla, and stealth was much poorer too.
  6. I’m moving apartment soon and I can see it taking 2 - 3 weeks to get the internet up and running. Will the PS5 and Series X be useless during this time ? All my purchases are digital
  7. Anyone how to download the high res texture pack on ps5? on Xbox it was an option to either download or stream the textures but I’m not seeing the download option on ps5
  8. Does anyone know if the version of Assassins Creed Valhalla includes the DLC?
  9. Lovely game to have over the Christmas period.
  10. Disc version also on Amazon
  11. God of War Director Urges Patience as Fans Wait for Ragnarok News [Update] https://ign.com/articles/god-of-war-ragnarok-missing-news-cory-barlog-no-delay-2022 still coming this year
  12. Can I ask what you’re using for the Amazon stock alerts ?
  13. Are you installing the PS4 version on PS5 ?
  14. What are the best sources to find out when Amazon will have stock ?
  15. Coming to this a little late but is Sonic Mania any good ? Worth buying that over this new port ?
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