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  1. A staff member once traded in a copy of GTA, and inside the manual found a note which read something along the lines of “Hi, I’m a 12yo boy called Steven. If you want tips for this game then call me on …” We didn’t risk calling.
  2. The Wiki at Fextralife allows you to drill down into every upgrade path for each weapon and see what damage and scaling looks like at each level of reinforcement.
  3. I’d cleared the PS4 version from my hard drive a while ago, so downloaded the PS5 version (and stopped it from downloading the PS4 version again). On start-up I just selected Continue from the menu, and it dropped me in where I last was. I’ve read that it only lets you import your last save, so I’m not sure what would happen if you have multiple games on the go.
  4. XB Deals is the closest I’ve found.
  5. Head Over Heels has been remastered, with completely new artwork. The marketing copy has either run through Google Translate or been written by a 6 year old, so it's unlikely to attract many buyers (even for £3.59). The Immortal has also appeared in the store, describing itself as 'a fan favorite of the old times of Nintendo/mega drive.' No remaster for this one, just a fairly straight looking port.
  6. I popped into my local independent for a copy of Metroid Dread, and came out with a white OLED as well. I’m helping the local economy, and I’m sticking to that excuse.
  7. Minecraft worlds are split up into 16x16 chunks, which are generated the first time you enter them. Your immediate surroundings won’t change with this update, but wander further away and you should start finding some of the new blocks. My wife spent last night digging for copper in her favourite world, so it’s definitely out there.
  8. 1. Two Point Hospital 2. Dead by Daylight 5. Gears of War 7. Dead Rising 8. City of Heroes 10. Resident Evil
  9. I went in that passage the first time I hit the third biome, and almost made the same mistake. If you look up to the right at the dead end you’ll see a hook point, which usually leads up to some Resin. From there you can jump back down to the walkway. It’s really easy to miss
  10. You needed to look up and to the right at the end of that corridor...
  11. I’ll happily admit that I got lucky and defeated him the first time our paths crossed, but (from my limited experience) your best bet is to wait until he unleashes the expanding ring attack and then immediately dash to one side. Otherwise, by the time he starts moving it’s already too late.
  12. I was at the Newcastle gig on the Scarling tour, which again played to no more than about 20 people. If I remember correctly, Jessika invited everyone to join her on stage for a sing along of 'Band Aid Only Covers the Bullet Hole'. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Jack Off Jill reunion show at the Electric Ballroom about five years ago, which was absolutely packed and probably the best concert I've ever been to. Given that they originally split up without ever having made it to the UK, I'd long ago given up any hope of seeing them live (as had, I suspect, most of the crowd). The closest thing to a successor are probably The Birthday Massacre:
  13. I know it's a bit late, but have a look at coin holder capsules for your tokens (they come in various sizes). If you seal all your remaining tokens up you can just stick a home-made one in another capsule, and as I assume it's for blind drawing from a bag the difference won't be noticeable.
  14. I'll put in a good word for The Outpost in Sheffield. I've ordered a fair bit from them (mostly GW) and have never had any issues. They're definitely worth a look for GW, Privateer or other wargaming stuff.
  15. Ni No Kuni Remastered: Wrath of the White Witch has just dropped to £7.99 from £49.99, valid for the next week.
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